How to Get a PO Box

Everything You Need to Know about How to Get a PO Box

So you are interested in knowing how to get a po box the right way.  Maybe you own a business, or are going on vacation, want a place to send you spam snail mail . . . or whatever.  You can’t rent a post office box unless you know how to get a po box in the first place.  There are in reality many options for renting a PO box now days and you are not limited to just having to rent from the USPS . . .although they might like to make you think you are.  Before you go out and rent the first PO box that you can find you need to be aware of several things, like does UPS ship to PO Boxes?

Post Office Box Rental

Once you have determined that you will be actually renting a PO box the first thing you need to do is find a facility that has a available boxes for rent.  It used to be that you could only rent a PO Box from a Federal Post Office.  That is no longer the case.  In fact, in many towns there are endless locations that you can get a po box.  If there is a mailing or shipping facility (UPS, FEDEX, Mom and Pop store) try giving them a call.  Call copy stores or business service stores.  Many storage units rent PO Boxes now days.

  • Shipping Facilities
  • Copy Store
  • Storage Facilities
  • The USPS website has a helpful tool to reserve and renew PO box rental online.

Any of the above locations will most likely also be able to help you learn how to get a PO box from them for a good rate.

7 Things You Should Know Before Renting a PO Box

Below is a list of 7 crucial things that you should ask anyone prior to renting a box from them.  If you are really interested in know how to get a po box jot down these 7 questions and ask them of all the places you call.  It is suggested that if any facility is not able to fulfill one of the things on this list that you do not get a po box from them.

  1. What are their rates for PO box rental? (how much will it cost you? Is there a contract? How long is the contract?)
  2. Do they provide 24 hour access to your mail?
  3. Can you receive packages at their facility, is there a cost for this, or are you limited to what fits inside you po box?
  4. Free “Mail Check”?  Do you have to drive up there to check your mail or do they provide online or phone check to see if there is anything there for you?
  5. Security? Is that po box facility secured and monitored 24/7?  How about lighting?
  6. Do they provide mail forwarding services?
  7. Privacy?  Will they sell or offer your private information to anyone that asks?

PO BOX Address Example


Street Address of Facility (if desired/required)

P.O. Box ####

City, ST ZIP

Above is po box address example.  You will notice that sometimes you will be required to write down a street number even though the po box address is just a box.  This is because, as mentioned above there are many businesses that offer PO boxes to individuals from their place of business.  If you use the PO BOX address example as written above you should have no problems with your mail being delivered.

Now that you know “how to get a po box” – Whats the cost?


Knowing how to get a po box can only help so much.   The cost will vary widely based on where you live so it is hard to give a flat answer to the question of PO box Cost.  Small boxes can cost as little as just $14 for six months of course this is an advertised rate expect to pay closer to $30.  Medium boxes cost about $40-$50 for six months.  Six months is generally the minimum amount of time that you can rent a po box for.  Be sure to bring ID when you go to rent your box.

So if you are interested in getting a po box be sure to look around for a couple of different deals.  You now have all the tools you need to know exactly how to get a po box from various different locations.